Launch of PlaniCrise: an inter-university certificate in crisis management


Floods, Pandemic Covid-19, the asylum crisis, the energy crisis, etc. Over the last few years, our country has found itself constantly confronted with events that have a major impact on our society. More than ever, public authorities and private organisations alike have a real need for resource people with expertise in crisis management and emergency planning. With that in mind, the SPIRAL research lab, in collaboration with the universities of Brussels, Mons and Louvain-la-Neuve, has joined forces with the National Crisis Centre and the Walloon Regional Crisis Centre to launch the PlaniCrise certificate.

The first students have just started the "PlaniCrise certificate" or Training in anticipatory and interdisciplinary risk and crisis management, organised within the various participating universities. This inter-university certificate is worth 30 credits. This certificate is the second of its kind developed by SPIRAL, as it builds on the PlaniCom certificate, which has been offering 10-credit training to crisis managers for 15 years.

The PlaniCrise certificate is aimed at people who already work for a local, provincial, regional or federal public authority, and who have a function related to emergency planning and crisis management; professionals from different disciplines (emergency zones, police zones, federal police, defence, civil protection, etc.); and people from a public or private organisation who have a function related to the field.

To find out more about the admission requirements, visit the PlaniCrise website.

Contacts and practical information

  • Details of the modules, timetables, admission, and registration requirements can be found at
  • Contact for information on PlaniCrise: Ms Aline Thiry -

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