Three members of SPIRAL obtained PhD fellowships to continue their research


Luce Lebrun has been awarded a FRESH grant from the FNRS. Sacha Frenay and Merlin Tieleman have been awarded 'Humanities and Social Sciences' PhD scholarships from the University of Liège.

  • Luce Lebrun, a graduate in sociology and gender studies, will carry out her research on abortion in Belgium. Under the co-promotion of Kim Hendrickx (Spiral) and Mona Claro (Pragmapolis), she will study abortion through the prism of "care" in Belgium, via health and life trajectories.
  • Sacha Frenay, who holds a Master's degree in political science with a focus on science and technology studies (STS), is interested in energy transition processes and their temporal dynamics. Under the supervision of Céline Parotte (Spiral), his doctoral research will focus on the retrofitting of high-emitting infrastructures with carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies: "Between old and new: infrastructure retrofitting to enable carbon capture, utilization and storage in Belgium, Denmark and Norway".
  • Merlin Tieleman, a graduate in sociology and science and technology studies (STS), will carry out his research on the issues of power relations surrounding the implementation of algorithms. With Pierre Delvenne (Spiral), he will be looking at the issues involved in mapping the negotiations surrounding the implementation of algorithms.

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