Cité and comic book authors honored: STS "Making and Doing" 2022 Public Award for their innovative exhibition!


Making and Doing Award 2


During the 'Making and Doing Program' of the annual Congress of the Society for Social Studies of Science, which took place last December in Cholula, Mexico, researchers from the UR Cité presented an exhibition that continued to promote the project "When the 9th art enters into discussion with science", financed by the UR Cité's extraordinary project calls. This exhibition was awarded the public prize. 


The "Making and Doing" programme offers the international scientific community the opportunity to present their research to their peers by encouraging immersion and an experiential approach. Visitors to the programme are invited to test, taste, see, feel, and make art, craft, and visual art to consider the limits and possibilities of bodies, boundaries, disciplines, computing, etc. 


The exhibition, entitled " Entering Into Resonance: Vibrations around a common world from encounters between the 9th art and science" offered visitors three areas to stimulate reflections. The first one highlights the comics and books that were used during the meetings at the ULiège and invites the curious visitors to leaf through them or to discover them in their original form. The second space proposed a handmade tree mural of wool, knots, fragments of books, comic strips and traces of collective artistic performances, which represented these meetings and the questions they raised. The third space invited visitors to experiment with the collective performances made during the meetings in Liege (making exquisite cadavers, photographs, seed bombs or drawings and thoughts) and to add them to the tree mural to continue its construction. 


Thanks to all the contributors to this project: Pierre Delvenne, Lucas Bechoux, Wim Decock, Sarah Delvaux, Catherine Fallon, Jean-Baptiste Fanouillère, Colin Glesner, Luce Lebrun, Valentine Meens, Céline Parotte, Nicolas Thirion, François Thoreau, Helene Dodion (University of Liège); Valérie Beniest, (Dargaux); Emmanuel Lepage, Wilfried Lupano, Léonard Chemineau (comic book authors and artists). 


Thanks to RU Cité for the funding of "When 9th art enters into discussion with science" project.  


Thanks to the jury of the "Making and Doing" program: Yelena Guzman (Chair), Amanda Windle, Nerea Cavillo, Priyank Chandra, Laura Forlano, and Misria Shaik Ali. 


Thanks to all the visitors for their enthusiastic and creative feedback and for all the suggestions and new thoughts that the discussions around this exhibition have generated. 


Making and Doing Award 3

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