Since its creation in 1995, the research centre Spiral from the University of Liège developed a unique expertise in the fields of risk analysis and management and public policies appraisal. The research conducted at Spiral fundamentally pertains to a global reflection on governance in a context of scientific uncertainty and dynamics of technological innovation.


A propos thèse spiral

Spiral activities are distributed among five strategic areas :
  • « Risk & governance » unit
  • « Science & Technology in Society Studies (STS) » unit
  • « Ecology and societies » unit
  • « Public policy and administration » unit
  • « Methodological innovations » unit
Spiral is an academic research department that is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach. A broad diversity of disciplinary backgrounds is to be found among the collaborators (political science, social science, law, public administration, risk communication, discourse analysis, criminology, anthropology, deontology, political philosophy, environmental science).
Spiral’s know-how rests on a great deal of qualitative and participatory methods that allow for original and innovative inquiries for assessing and shaping decision making-processes. This scientific diversity allows Spiral to contribute with a great deal of added value to research and consultancy either at the levels of the municipality, the region, the federal state, the European community or the international level. Spiral and its members are above all engaged for servicing the community.
The Spiral Research Center is supervised by Dr. Pierre Delvenne

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